Wireless Internet - Surf for Free on the Bricks!

Welcome to Downtown Boulder's Free Solar-Powered Wireless Network: PEARL

As a service of the Downtown Business Improvement District, the Pearl Street mall now offers free wireless internet access. Powered by solar energy, Pearl Street Mall’s outdoor wireless provides round-the-clock, high-speed wireless network service to any shoppers, office workers or sightseers with a Wi-Fi capable laptop, PDA, Tablet, or Mobile Device.

Want to check the movie listings while you eat dinner? Check for that urgent email while you have coffee? Maybe just sit outside and work on your novel while you watch the children play. It's all possible!

To access the network, patrons should look for the “Pearl” network on their computer when logging in on the bricks.  Having problems? Email Us!

For list and map of Cafes and Businesses downtown with free wireless internet click here.

Click here to read our acceptable use policy (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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