Boulder Green Streets


    • Sunday, September 18, 2011 • 10:00am to 4:00pm

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    CATEGORIES: Kid Friendly & Family | Sports & Fitness | Food, Dining, Wine


    Boulder Green Streets (BGS)  promotes active, healthy living, sustainability and strong community. We do this by creating expanded public, park-like spaces through large-scale street liberations and car-free spaces. Extensive and free activity programming gets all ages, economic levels, genders and ethnicities out to play together to experience sustainability first hand. Our first Ciclovia style event took place on September 19th, 2010 and was a great success. Attendance was estimated between 10,000-15,000 throughout the day. Stay tuned for more 2011 fun. Join us on facebook and twitter or follow our blog for regular updates.


    So many Boulderites had such a good time at our first event they are now asking “Can we do this every weekend?”.  We like your thinking!  In 2011 we plan to bring several small neighborhood events creating beach-heads for future route expansion. Our big event of the year will happen in September and will start again at 15th & Pearl St. This year we plan to expand our route. Get involved in helping us grow the route by volunteering with Boulder Green Streets!


    At Boulder Green Streets September Car-Free event community members of all types will enjoy  a variety of FREE activities, demonstrations, and workshops (many bi-lingual).  Some of the activities that will be offered include cycling saftey, demonstrations and repair, cycling meet-ups for a variety of distance rides, running the route with a creek loop, walking tours of downtown, hiking meet ups, dance  classes, yoga, martial arts, frisbee,  climbing,  a samba in the streets carnival march and more!  You’ll find a lot along the route to keep you moving… good music, healthy snacks and new friends. “Experience” sustainability yourself and learn more about living well in Boulder.


    Come help us  develop this outrageous, wonderful community program. Bring your energy, smiles, friends, kids, and pets and come be in the streets with us!  You can get involved by volunteering anytime (yes we need you!). With your support we’ll be able to grow the event route and/or number of dates into the future.


    The most famous Ciclovìa (literally translated as ‘bike’ way) occurs every Sunday in Bogota, Colombia where an astounding 70 miles of major city streets are shut down and handed over to two million bike-riding, road-running, game-playing citizens.

    Challenging the assumption that major streets exist only for cars is a powerful stance. As people rethink the use of public spaces, new ideas begin to emerge, which is probably why a number of U.S. cities have adopted the Ciclovìa concept. Across America, these events have been called Sunday Parkways, Summer Streets and various other names.

    Ciclovia type programs go beyond addressing the need for sustainable streets but also give their communities a potential solution for addressing community health issues by encouraging citizens to get active.  Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle represent major risk factors associated with chronic disease which is perhaps the single largest cause of death in the United States.
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