Frasca's Wine Team Presents Macerated Wines (Embracing Orange)


    • Monday, October 31, 2011

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    LOCATION: Frasca Food & Wine - 1738 Pearl St

    CATEGORIES: Food, Dining, Wine

    What color wine should you drink on All Hallows Eve? Why, orange wine of course! If you have seen the wine team slinging decanters filled with amber hued liquid and wondered what it was all about then this is a great opportunity to find out. These are wines made from white grapes that in many ways will remind you of red wines; they spend weeks (or even months) in contact with their skins in an oxidative environment and as a result show an exotic, polyphenolic symphony of aromas that you will experience in no other wine. They also show noticeable tannin. Come and sate your curiosity.

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