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Posted on October 27, 2016

Downtown's Newest Development - PearlWest

Once home to the Daily Camera, PearlWest is now one of Boulder’s hottest office / retail spaces after its completion in July of 2016. Located at the corner of 11th and Pearl the prestigious building is one-of-a-kind. Along with its eco-conscious footprint, this building has robotic parking where a robot (yes, a robot!)  will scan a car with lasers, slide under the car to pick it up and then park the car in the garage. Basically, this building proves that the future is now.

LEED Certification

I’ve mentioned it before but in case you forgot I love our little blue marble - the earth. When I learned that PearlWest was reaching not just for its LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) but the highest level (platinum) I was more than thrilled (think super energy efficient). Also, did you know that PearlWest won Denver Business Journal 2015 Green Design Award? How awesome is that!

Along with its conscious footprint, PearlWest houses a few familiar, as well as new, faces. Below, is a rundown of some of the awesome businesses at PearlWest and why you should be ecstatic to explore this one-of-a-kind space.


When you step into any in the spaces in PearlWest, Fjallraven included, you’ll instantly  noticed all of the natural light that fills the room and the open floor plan. As many locals already know, Fjallraven made the decision to move from 7th and Pearl to PearlWest and has now been in their new roomy space for a few weeks. It’s thrilling to be able to explore such an amazing space and support a sustainable company as well.

Alpine Modern

Right next door to Fjallraven is the sleek and, yes, modern Alpine Modern. The coffee bar / retail space is flushed with cool gadgets and Scandinavian influences - just like their neighbor Fjallraven. With eco-conscious writing materials and more, Alpine Modern fits perfectly in PearlWest’s sleek and sustainable practices.



Weaving your way through this modern marvel of a building you’ll  pass the always beautiful John Atencio jewelry store and also get a chance to glance into Le Pops - the new gourmet popsicle shop coming to Boulder.

Le Pops

The gourmet shop has southern roots out of Arkansas where the founder, and owner, Laurie Harriosn established the store. Known for their high quality ingredients and unique flavors such as coffee coconut milk, brown sugar pear, pure sunshine and more, Le Pops is unlike anything Boulder has seen before.Near Le Pops is Eureka! an all-American restaurant with a wide selection beers and spirits which is housed on the western end of the building.


On the Walnut side of PearlWest is one of Boulder’s most innovative companies. Founded in 2012, Galvanize has blossomed across nine locations with almost 2,000 members and around 800 graduates. It’s a unique and inclusive space that was created to promote an educational community where entrepreneurs, students and world class educators can join forces and learn from one another in relation to the tech world. Coming soon is a Galvanize coffee shop that will be open to the public.

From the engineering feats of LEED Certification and robotic parking, as well both new and familiar faces in the retail space, PearlWest is where innovation, style, practicality and vision come together to create a one of a kind work and public space. Head to Pearl Street’s West End to experience it yourself!



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