Posted on February 15, 2018


As 2018 begins, so does the last semester of my senior year at CU Boulder. This has honestly shocked me more than I ever thought. Moving away from Boulder before my junior year, I began to focus more of my time closer to home. I still live outside of Boulder and my life has shifted even farther away from the familiar red bricks and misty flatirons. In my last semester in this gorgeous town, I need to take advantage of this truly magical place. I compiled a list of some of the things I must do before I walk across a stage in a cap and gown at Folsom Field. Here are my plans:


  1. Get a picnic box and a bottle of rose from Cured for a picnic and hike at Chautauqua

  2. Take a Banjo Billy Tour of Boulder and learn some fun facts

  3. Plan a big night out Downtown:

  4. Go to the Boulder Farmers Market starting in April

  5. Eat at Pizzaria Locale

  6. Enjoy unlimited sushi at Japango

  7. Experience the Boulder Beer Itinerary from LovetheLocal.com

  8. Go to the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


I’d love to hear from you as well! If you have any suggestions of “must go to” places I have to check out before I graduate Tweet me or post on our Facebook using #AliciasChecklist.



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