All good things come to an end...

Posted on August 26, 2011

Sadly, today is my last day as Downtown Boulder’s Communications and Marketing Intern. This summer has just flown by, and I can’t believe that I won’t be writing to you about my adventures downtown, good and bad, all the food I have consumed, envelopes I have stuffed, licked, mailed, and carried to the mailbox on 10th Street.  I finally must return to school for my senior year (yikes!). I will no longer be able to bug Eli with all my questions, usually involving this tricky little program they call Photoshop. This is a sad day indeed. I have enjoyed my time at DBI and appreciate the plethora of knowledge I gained and the patience Eli had for my Photoshop skills, or lack thereof. However, fear not, I won’t be gone for long I will be back for Fashion’s Night Out to help and to make sure the DBI office doesn’t miss me too much.

Top 5 things I learned and loved about Downtown Boulder…

1. Not labeling your layers in Photoshop is a death wish. Well not literally, but it is a massive headache to go back in and change every week. And yes, I know I will be utilizing this tool in the future seeing as I am a Marketing and Public Relations major, but it’s almost 2012, can’t a girl ask for such a technology called AUTO layer labeling, help a chica out Adobe!  But until that glorious day of auto layering, I have given myself a mental reminder to label, label, and label!

2. Downtown Boulder has so much going on everyday; whether it is the guy fitting himself into a box on 13th, Bands on the Bricks, or one of the delicious restaurants (I have become a professional restaurantee). I came to Boulder not knowing much other than Rio has killer margs and Urban Outfitters is a hazard to anyone’s wallet. After my summer here, I now feel a part of the Downtown Boulder family. All the merchants on Pearl Street work together to give you guys the best Downtown ever, whether it be Fashion’s Night Out, OpenArts Fest or Bands on the Bricks. Each week there are awesome events for all ages, Boulder is uniquely marvelous. Don’t forget it!

3.  People travel to Boulder from all over the world. You know those envelopes I stuff with Downtown Boulder’s lovely guidebooks? Well, each week there is at least one being mailed to the UK, The Netherlands, and even as far as Armenia for a steep cost of $3.91 per!

4. Downtown Boulder has phenomenal shopping for everything you need. Whether it be my awesome fringe bathing suit from Saavy, boots from Steve Madden, or the dangerous walk to work past Weekends where I realize I need/can’t live without 90% of the items in the window. I am officially a shopaholic and a casual clothes hoarder.

And last but not least…

5. DBI offers the best internship around. I have realized that all my skills I learned in class actually have a benefit and I can tackle (or tumble into) the real world next June. DBI has allowed me to be very hands on in almost every aspect of what they do. I had my freedom to rant, convey my excitement, and share my adventures with you on this lovely blog. I learned and experienced all the awesome events, happy hours, and happenings in Downtown Boulder. Downtown Boulder has so much going on, each week I found myself excited about a new upcoming event and with my tremendous boyfriend in tow, I got to experience it all (refer to my blogs 1-9). 

So all good things must come to an end (sigh), but DBI is looking for their next fall intern, so be sure to get in touch with Eli for this amazing opportunity. I know I have left some big (and cute) shoes to fill, but if you are wicked smart and want a fun and hands-on internship, this one is for you!

See you around Boulder,


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