And So It Goes...

Posted on April 27, 2011

And So It Goes... Today is my last day as the "Marketing and Communications Intern" at Downtown Boulder Inc. It seems like just yesterday that my boss, Eli, was ordering me around, teasing me about my photoshopping skills and making me do intern-y tasks -- like licking envelopes and carrying bags full of Downtown Boulder Guidebooks to the lonely little mailbox outside of The Black Cat on 13th St. Okay, so maybe that was just yesterday but it seems like so long ago! I've finally been forced out into the Real World. The days of free office coffee and slices of apple snacks in the afternoon are o.v.e.r. It's time for me to grow up and start paying for my own coffee and apples. What a sad day this is indeed. I have more than enjoyed my stint with DBI and thoroughly appreciate all of the knowledge that I have acquired in my short time here.

Here's a list of things that this intern has learned over the last three months:

1.) Photo and Shop are two words that I don't want to hear together for at least a month. Sure, it's a vital tool in the Marketing and Communications world, but it also promotes massive headaches, encourages the use of expletives and gives me the desire to break things. If my ill feelings have subsided within the month, I'll pick myself up by my bootstraps, tackle my phobia, and show Photoshop who's boss.

2.) Not all internships offer the stereotypical standard of the coffee retrieving, copy-making intern. I feel cheated that instead of being put in charge of difficult tasks such as: remembering how my boss likes his coffee and which button on the machine magically makes it a two-sided copy-- I had to do things like write a blog, edit important documents, assist with the DBI newsletter, design web pages and create copy for things like our Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Gift Guides. If I had known in the beginning that this wouldn't be the stereotypical internship, I totally would have thought twice about accepting it. :)

3.) Downtown Boulder is more than a retail and dining hub. Downtown Boulder is a community that thrives off of the enduring support of all of the people and businesses in this fair city. Case and point: During the heartbreaking Oak at Fourteenth Hood Fire of 2011, Smooch Frozen Yogurt  was temporarily without power and faced losing an entire walk-in cooler full of perishable goods. Without hesitation, the fine folks at the Boulderado Hotel opened up their "home" and gave Smooch the space to store their stuff. Very cool. Very neighborly. Very Boulder.

4.) People that work in Downtown Boulder are lucky. Aside from the occasional parking snafu (see Blog Post #2), Downtown Boulder is a pretty great place to: work, grab lunch, get coffee, meet for happy hour, shop for things that you don't really need, see live music, try "foodie" foods, practice yoga, wear a puffy jacket, ride a bike in a gorilla suit... the list goes on.

and last but not least...

5.) I learned that I'm not entirely a lost cause. This internship has helped mold my often wavering position on my future, and has pushed me to continue my good track record of not being a total screw-up. So big thanks to the internship, internship providers, and the parking attendants at the 11th and Spruce Parking garage for everything.

And so it goes. That's it, the end. It's been fun Boulder.  Best of luck to you all. And remember-- if you ever start to miss me, need a laugh, or want to offer me a job, I won't be far away. You can follow me at @BoulderGirl210 on twitter. I'll be there for you. And fear not, another lucky person will be filling my internship shoes soon. DBI doesn't just let anyone work for free here, so they're still accepting applications to make sure they get the best intern! If you, or someone else is interested in one of the best, if not the best internship in Downtown Boulder, visit:

Be seeing you Boulder,


Tyra Sutak-- Marketing and Communications Intern Spring of 2011

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