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Downtown Boulder's Coffee Shops

The colder weather in Boulder has made me catch myself ducking into more and more coffee shops to escape the shivers and drink some deliciously warm coffee. Downtown Boulder has 17 coffee shops and each one has their own personality and way of roasting their coffee.  I know 17 coffeehouses is a lot to try, so have no fear, I have researched a handful of the wide array of choices for you!  

Amante Coffee:  A European style café that receives their coffee fresh from Italy is the ideal hang out spot for Europeans, soccer players, St Julien guests, and Boulderites alike. The café offers gelato, paninis, and other European style foods.  For a taste of Italy check Amante Coffee out!

Atlas Purveyors: This swanky coffee shop caters to students, working professionals and most of all techies.  They mix their own unique blends of coffee and source their teas directly from all over the world.  If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a technology friendly place Atlas Purveyors is for you!

Brewing Market Coffee: This café roasts their own coffee and their own chai and have been doing so since 1977, which makes them the oldest coffee house in the downtown area. Serving environmentally conscious beans and supporting their Beans & Bridges project makes Brewing Market an attractive choice for environmentally conscious customers.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters:  This coffee shop is nestled in with its sister store Cured and is attractive to those who are looking for a specialty coffee.  The coffee is roasted in house using a twist on traditional cowboy coffee roasting, a method unique to Boxcar.  This café is perfect for the person looking for a little something more beyond the traditional $1.50 cup of black coffee.

The Cup: Located in the East End of Pearl, The Cup is a large café where you can hang out all day and many of their customers do.  The Cup’s usual customer can range from students to tourists to cyclists (just check out the large bike coral in front of the store) and they enjoy the slow drip method the café uses.

Laughing Goat Coffee House: When the owner was asked what the Coffee House’s typical customer was like he replied, “Hot.  Super hot.”  And we cannot deny that. The laughing Goat attracts music lovers who enjoy the live music nights and air roasted coffee, frozen until ground.  

Starbucks: The coffee house that started it all is appealing to the customer who knows what they want and how they want it! The baristas at Starbucks fufill complicated drink orders and do it so fast you’ll be in and out in under a few minutes.  However, if you would like to stay and sit near the windows to people watch on Pearl that’s always an option.

The Unseen Bean: The owner and roaster of the Unseen Bean who was born blind roasts his coffee based on the smell and sound of the beans.  So much attention to detail that you know the coffee is going to be amazing.  The small store caters to customers who are on the run and need a quick cup of coffee.


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