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Posted on September 24, 2014

If you're reading this blog, then you probably have a special place in your heart for Boulder. If you love Boulder, then you would probably like to see it be made even more awesome (even though we all know it is pretty awesome already).

That's where Awesome Foundation Boulder comes in to play. Awesome Boulder funds projects that make Boulder more awesome by making it an even happier and cooler place to live. Each month, Awesome Boulder's trustees give $1,000 to a project that they select from their pool of applicants. 

The best thing about Awesome Boulder grants? -- Anyone can apply!

Awesome Boulder has been going on for 31 months, which means $31,000 for 31 different, awesome, local projects. It all started with Dean of Trustees Brandon Line, who learned about the Awesome Foundation from an National Public Radio series related to philanthropy, and decided to bring the idea to Boulder.

When I first heard about Awesome Boulder, I had a lot of questions, so I touched base with Brandon to learn more:


Who are the Awesome Boulder trustees?

"Friends, friends of friends, former grant recipients. Really, anyone who wants to hang out with us ;)"

What are you looking for in the projects that you pick (besides Awesomeness)?

"We like projects where we can make a real difference. If it's a big project with a big budget where we won't have a meaningful impact, we tend to shy away. Broadly, we like projects that can be openly experienced by all in our community. We do look at the timeliness... we may favor a more immediate project over a great project that is planned several months out

We especially like truly unique, extraordinary - awesome - projects that are not easily labeled"

Awesome Boulder has funded several projects that took place in the downtown area including a Boulder Startup Week event at BMoCA, the Bridge House Humanity project, and the World is a Gallery project. 

  • Arts Event during Boulder Startup Week: This free and open to the public event involved acting out stories of local startup history.
  • Bridge House Humanity project: The goal of the project is to generate awareness using photography as a medium to explore similarities and differences of how housed and homeless people live in Boulder. Individuals were selected from both the housed and homeless communities to photograph snapshots of their daily lives.
    "The Humanity Project plays to a purer definition of 'awesome' - something extraordinary that challenges your context."
  • World is a Gallery project: Photos from photographer Andrew Kurcan were hung in random places around the city of Boulder including the downtown area. The goal was to provide a small respite from an otherwise chaotic day.

What's next for Awesome Boulder?

Awesome Boulder is hosting its annual BBQ this Friday at dojo4 to engage with the community and reveal their next project.

"The BBQ encapsulates what Awesome Boulder is all about - community - and coming together with friends and family. The highlight of the BBQ is that we always invite the past year's grant recipients to come and talk about their projects."

Currently, Awesome Boulder has two projects in the works (one on the CU Campus and one in North Boulder): Sabes Quien Soy and Art at the Armory 2.0

What's the "catch"?

There are only 3 requirements for your project to be considered -- it must happen in Boulder, be completed within one month, and be awesome. Now let's see what you can do with $1,000!

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