Best Mother's Day Ever!

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Calling all James Bonds and super sleuths--I am offering you a chance to make your mom the happiest mom in Boulder...I have the power to grant two tickets to the Boulder Ballet's Mother's Day performance of Sleeping Beauty to whomever I choose. But I'm not going to make it easy on you! There's work involved...spy work.

So don your trench coat and dig out your magnifying glass and riddle me these:

1. Who is the original composer and choreographer of the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

2. When and where did the ballet premiere?

3. What is the name of the wicked fairy in the ballet?

4. How many years has the Boulder Ballet been performing its annual Mother's Day concert at the Boulder Theater?

5. Aurora, the lead role in the ballet is being danced by Boulder native Annalise Woller. Where did she attend high school?

First person to get back to me with all the correct answers wins! Send your guesses to Good luck and good riddance,


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PPS: If you are not lucky enough to win tickets, you can still purchase them on the Boulder Ballet website, but they're selling out fast!

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