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With Downtown Boulder's beloved Tulip Fairy Parade just around the corner, (this Saturday, April 23), I thought I would enlighten you all with some facts and educate you on the background of one of Downtown's favorite traditions. Now, I've done my fair share of research on the event, and enlisted the help of the DBI employees to get the inside skinny on the tulip situation-- and I've come to the conclusion that this event is no joke. The blooming of the tulips has been a big deal on the Pearl St. Mall dating back to the late 1970's-- which, I'd like to point out, was way before I was born. But during that time, when afros were in, the majority of the population was staying busy getting duped into thinking that disco was "cool" (or "groovy" for those of who you prefer the ancient predecessor to "cool"), 5000 tulip bulbs were making their grand entrance into Boulder courtesy of Boulder's then sister city, Meppel, Holland. Our kind friends from across the globe gifted Boulder with the many kinds of tulips that we admire and appreciate to this day.

Check out our Tulip Fairy & Elf Parade page for the full details keep reading for some fun tulip and parade facts that I'll bet you didn't know:

I'll bet you didn't know:
1.) The Tulip was originally a wild flower growing in Central Asia.
2.) Every fall, the City of Boulder Parks and Rec. Department plants 15,000 tulips bulbs on Pearl St., all imported in from Holland.
3.) Child fairy costumes can cost up to $50 (For that price, you could drink glasses of  Rum Mint Sangria at Salt. I'm sure Salt's bartenders would probably cut you off after your third cocktail, but you get my point).
4.) The section of the sidewalk in front of Boulder Arts and Crafts, that is filled with gravel, an awkward looking snail and other un-life-like animals (typically topped with a troop of kids doubling as monkeys): has a name. It's called the Marble Animal Garden, which sounds very quaint, and is where attendees of the parade are supposed to meet at 3 o'clock on Saturday.
5.) The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Department will be presenting their annual performance of "The Waking of the Bear", in which an adult Open Space and Mountain Parks employee will dress up like a bear, let the children "wake" him from hibernation in order to provide a very important demonstration to lots of tiny children wearing wings, on what the correct protocol is upon being approached by a bear. (Personally, I'd think that infants, toddlers and small half-pints shouldn't be hanging around bears anyway... but safety first I guess!). 

Spread your wings and let the Fairy in you fly, Boulder!



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