BIFF- B(efore) I F(ind) F(ranco) Week!

Posted on February 16, 2011

It's BIFF week! For those of you who know me well, BIFF week is not a week in which I reflect on all of the klutzy accidents and falls that I've had over time -- it's the week of the Boulder International Film Festival and it's taking over Downtown. Thursday, February 17th kicks off BIFF with the Opening Night Gala complete with a rolled-out red carpet, wine by Francis Ford Coppola, food by the Big Red F group and chocolate by chocolatier, Seth Ellis. Sounds like my kind of party!

Not only will the streets of Downtown Boulder be filled with famous directors, producers, screen writers, film makers and hard core film connoisseurs... but, as some of you may have heard, James Franco is in town. The James Franco. The man who (through his work): defined pot-smokers for a whole new generation, cut off his own arm after a freak accident in the desert, spent some time in San Francisco getting cozy with Sean Penn and tamed a massive grizzly bear in his free time... (as you can see in the above photo). Let the stalking begin ladies. Be sure to keep a camera, a sharpie, and an item of appropriate (or inappropriate) clothing on hand at all times. Tickets for BIFF's, "A Conversation with James Franco" have already sold out, which means the women of Boulder will have to rely on a "chance" encounter with James. Be sure to keep a watch out at The Pinyon, Pizzeria Locale, SALT, and other up-and-coming restaurants in Boulder's foodie scene for Franco sightings. (The man has to eat while he's in town). Post up in front of Patagonia and the Boulder Army Store to catch a glimpse of the actor buying a down, puffy jacket, a pair of Oakleys or hiking boots, in an attempt to disguise himself in the streets of Boulder. And most importantly, check out BIFF's schedule of events, and buy tickets! You never know, you might end up sitting next to the Oscar winner himself.

So I leave you, people of Boulder, on the eve of BIFF, with a little poem I've created-- derived solely from and inspired by this year's film titles.

Happy Biff-ing Boulder.

We'll be in touch soon.

The Woman with 5 Elephants,
Punching the Clown Into Eternity.
Armadillo, Nostalgia for Light.
Mama's and Papa's Crazy Wisdom, Wasteland.
For Once in My Life,
When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun: The Last Lions, Sarah's Key, The First Grader...
Hand Held The Flaw.
The Green Wave, The Labryinth of One-Thousand Pictures-- These Amazing Shows.
A Conversation with James Franco, Illegal-- Regretters.
Midnight Express.
The Last Circus.
Bag it.



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