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Hey there Boulderites! My name is Danielle and I’m a 2015 spring intern here at Downtown Boulder. Originally from San Francisco, I moved to Boulder three years ago to study Journalism at CU. Besides studying the days away, I’m a dancer, a dog-lover, a Bay Area sports fan, and a food-enthusiast. During my time as an intern, I hope to provide you with a variety of  information on topics such as fun things to do, important holidays, fashion trends, and most importantly, food and fine dining.

Coming into my third snowy season here in Boulder, you would think that I'd be a pro at the basic winter "do’s and don’t’s”. However, this California girl still finds herself shivering on her way to class every morning. With that in mind, I did some research regarding the best ways to keep warm in the winter and developed my very own “How To” list!

Danielle’s How to Survive Winter’s in Boulder 

1. Dress warm!  Layering is key. I start with a thermal undershirt and layer it with a cute and cozy sweater from Free People, Urban Outfitters, or any of the other wonderful boutiques we have here on Pearl Street. If you’re an exercise fanatic like myself, you might enjoy some of the warm workout clothes from Athleta or prAna. Lastly, top it off with a warm coat, hat, and gloves from Patagonia and stylish snow boots from Savvy. For all those ski and snowboarding buffs out there, check out stores like Volcom and Meta Skate for outdoor wear as well as Zeal for awesome eye wear.


2. Drink warm beverages. As a caffeine-addict, I can’t go a day without my cup of joe. The chilly January temperatures increase my want need for coffee, not just for the caffeine, but for the heat. We’re lucky enough to live in a place that provides us with so many unique coffee options. The Unseen Bean is one of my personal favorites. Their unique flavors and customized beverages make it a great place to enjoy coffee and relax on a snowy day. Laughing Goat is a lively place full of fun people! With delicious food and beverage options and live entertainment every night, a good time is almost guaranteed. The Cup is a great coffee place on East End; perfect for a snowy afternoon full of warm coffee, tasty food, homework, and snowfall. There are so many delicious coffee shops in and around the area; I dare you to try them all!

3. Stay hydrated. This one definitely caught me by surprise. It is scientifically proven that water is actually amazing for your body heat. The more water you have circulating your body, the easier it is for your body to stay warm. So bring a reusable water bottle to work or school with you and refill it throughout the day in order to stay hydrated! Make sure to check out stores like Athleta or University Bikes for trendy and reusable water bottles.

4. Stay warm and dry inside. Although some days it simply isn't possible, staying inside in the heat and comfort of my apartment is my favorite way to stay warm! My friends and I prefer to spend those days watching movies, trying new arts and crafts projects, and learning how to cook on our own. In a family setting, what could be better than pulling out a classic board game and enjoying the heat with your loved ones. Other fun indoor activities include:

That's all for now folks! I hope these tips provide you with a little help in order to survive these next few months. Bundle up, Boulderites!

-Danielle (intern)


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