Bye Boulder, Its Been Real!

Posted on November 17, 2016

Where did the time go, you guys? With the holidays fast approaching and my quarter coming to a close (I may be a senior at DU but I’ll never truly understand the quarter system) I’m beyond thankful for everything I have learned and everyone I have met here at Downtown Boulder. With so many memories and opportunities to share, I did my best to whittle it down to a few of my favorites.

Getting Lost

While I’ve learned a lot since my time here, some things never change. For me, it’s the fact that sadly, my sense of direction is still atrocious. I’m embarrassed to say this but about a week or so ago Chelsea asked me to go take an image of the creek (near the library). Now, in case you forgot I’m not from Boulder and I don’t go to CU. I proceeded to what I thought was the correct way to the library. Nope. I overshot it and ended up walking an extra ten minutes to the spot Chelsea had asked me to go - woops! The good thing is that if you are going to get lost, it might as well be in this awesome downtown.

Street Performers

I was born and raised in a tiny town north of Chicago and up until last year didn’t have the opportunity to go into the city of Denver very often or even Boulder because I didn’t have a car. That being said, you haven’t seen anything until you see a guy fold himself up in a box! From casual musicians to a man painted in all silver, I always got a laugh from the street performers here in downtown.

Answering Phones

I’m truly sorry to anyone who called Downtown Boulder and heard me fumbling with the phone or who I accidentally hung up on - that is totally my bad. However, it’s my final week here at Downtown Boulder and I can finally say that I feel confident answering the phones, transferring calls or sending a caller to anyone in the offices’ voicemail (better late than never!) The nicest people (both business owners and the general public) call this office!

Jokes aside, Downtown Boulder has taught me so, so, much. From the kindness and patience that radiates in the office to the variety of fun tasks and jobs I got to do there is no other place I would have wanted to spend my Fall. Boulder is a one-of-a-kind place and this Midwestern, goofball is going to miss everyone here at Downtown Boulder and the beautiful Pearl Street Mall.

With all of that in mind - it’s time for the next adventure!




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