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America's favorite holiday is rapidly approaching, and it's time to make plans to show a little patriotism towards the great US of A. Not to be a cheerleader, I know this country has its share of problems, but we do have a habit of focusing on the bad parts. Every time we mess up, critics come out of the woodwork. But this Independence Day, let's set aside the negative and just focus on the good. And we are good, really good. The US donates more to charity every year than any other country in the world. As of 2006, we accept more immigrants as citizens than all other countries in the world combined. In the past 70 years, over 80 Americans have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. We have a 1st amendment that protects almost everyone, so people can live and do and say whatever they please. Over 1/2 of all Americans volunteer every year. We are known for our overwhelming compassion when a crisis situation occurs that is unmatched by any other nation. AND we just pulled through when it matters most- scoring a goal against Algeria in the World Cup, securing a place in the next round and winning our group for the first time since 1930. We must be pretty awesome.

The city of Boulder is showing its spirit by hosting many events on America's birthday. There is, of course, the annual Ralphie's Independence Day Blast on Folsom Field. Live music, entertainment, and a community sing along will be going down on CU's campus, followed by a fireworks show. There is free parking at the 29th St Mall and Downtown parking garages, and free Hop rides up to the event. The event is free as well and gates open at 8 pm.
Earlier in the day, Parenting Place hosts a 4th of July Kid's Parade on the Boulder Municipal Building from 10 am- 12pm. Decorating strollers, wagons, trikes and bikes is highly encouraged. There will be music by Sue Schnitzer, and snacks of bagels and watermelon.

Its always fun to host a barbecue on the 4th, but if you want to leave the meat-cookin' to someone else, there are options from some favorite Boulder restaurants. Centro is hosting a lobster bake, and West End is offering market-style smoked meat platters for small and large groups. As more restaurants release plans, we will post them on our website .

Whether you are celebrating at home or out, take a minute to appreciate where you live. After all, the US is home to the People's Republic of Boulder, the best city in the world, so how bad could it be? On July 5th you can go back to talkin' smack, but next Sunday don a little red, white, and blue, and praise the lord you aren't Algerian.

*Also, can we take a minute to appreciate how great the Ralphie's Blast logo is? (see above)

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