Caterpillar and spicy tuna rolls

Posted on November 19, 2010

I grew up south of Denver in the heart of suburbia.  Which means I spent my childhood riding bikes and coloring with sidewalk chalk. I ate a lot of casseroles and practically lived on frozen chicken nuggets. On the occasion I went out to eat with my family it would be to some American chain restaurant or a Mexican restaurant located in a strip mall.

That's not the case with children in Boulder.

The average 6 year-old in Boulder is raised on tofu, stir-fried veggies, and sushi. They own their own pair of rock climbing shoes and are decked out in North Face gear. Ok, maybe I'm using stereotypes, but all my friends that grew up in Boulder definitely experienced a different childhood than I did.

Since I wasn't raised eating sushi, it took me a few years to warm up to the idea of raw fish and seaweed. It took a lot of soy sauce before I was ready to fully embrace sushi at the age of 17.  Each time I'm at Hapa I'm amazed at the small children I see shoveling caterpillar and spicy tuna rolls into their mouths like they haven't eaten in months. The only thing that I ate that quickly when I was that age was mac n' cheese (and by 'cheese' I mean an orange powdered substance).

My parents are both from the midwest and they had never had sushi before. Once I found my love for it, I thought it was something that my parents needed to discover. I brought home an order of California rolls one night for my dad to try. After 15 minutes of convincing him just to try it, he finally ate it. Or at least tried to eat it. As soon as the roll touched his mouth he immediately gagged and spit it out. Maybe sushi isn't for everyone.

Even though we are land locked here in Boulder, there are many fantastic sushi options right downtown.  Japango, Sushi Tora, Sushi Zanmai, and Moongate all have delicious rolls.

I may be a picky eater, but I do love to try new things (no thanks to my parents). While you won't ever see me eating extremely obscure items, I am willing to try most things.

While I like trying new types of food, I love trying new restaurants.  And there are two newcomers to the Boulder dining scene that I must try. Oak located at 1400 Pearl is now open.  One of the roommates gave it a thumbs up, but she did warn that it is a bit pricey for what you get. The Kitchen and Tahona will soon be expanding to the space formerly occupied by Abo's. Since I love tapas from The Kitchen and drinks from Tahona I am sure I will be pleased with the new restaurant.


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