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Posted on March 25, 2011

Last week, my calendar told me that it is officially spring time here in beautiful Boulder, CO. I don't know about you, but I associate spring with the sound of birds chirping, the smell of fresh flowers, and a canvas of blue stretching across the sky over my head. Even though my calendar promised me all of these things, during this time when March begins to fade into April, "spring time", in my world, has mostly been left to my imagination. Instead of chirping birds, and sunshine, Mother Nature has only blessed Boulder with the sounds of eerie whistling brought on by the winds that have been ripping through town along with little bits of snow and frost on my car in the mornings and fake-outs in the form of early morning sunshine, followed by afternoons and nights filled with stormy clouds that seem to pop-up out of their hiding places behind the mountains sometime around mid-morning. Not cool, not cool at all Mother Nature. So as the chilly temps, and the threat of snow and rain showers continue through mid-week, I've assembled a list of my favorite coffee shops that will be more than happy to make you a hot beverage to warm you up while you sit back and wait for the real spring fever to hit Downtown.

1.) The Cup- The perfect place to not only grab a cup of killer, fair-trade coffee, but to also grab some lunch. I've stuffed my face with their turkey and avocado bagel sandwich (hold the tomatoes please) on many occasions. Delicious. Say hi to owners, Wendy and Chris before you leave.

2.) Bookend Espresso- This is where I head to not only fuel up when my energy levels are on empty, but where I go with the best intentions of 'getting stuff done'. Mid-morning is the perfect time to grab a flavored latte, and post up at a table in the back of the cafe. While my intentions are good, my productivity levels usually takes back seat to all of the fantastic people watching that Bookend's placement on the mall has to offer.

3.) The Laughing Goat- Best place to get coffee at night. With live music or poetry readings every night of the week, this is the place for the thirsty night-owl to visit.

4.) Atlas Purveyors- If you're more of a tea person, check in here. Atlas offers a variety of tea, and won't judge you for ordering tea in a coffee joint. (I can't make that same promise...). And if you're a tweeting twitterer, be sure to follow @atlaspurveyors. They keep all of their customers up to date with new menu items and the different specials that they offer throughout the week.

5.) The Unseen Bean- Worth the squeeze. The Unseen Bean may be tiny, but it's worth shuffling around their store for a breakfast egg and cheese bagel. Extremely yummy in my tummy. They also offer BREGGO's, which, paired with a creme brulee latte, is pretty much the key to my happiness on a Monday morning.

6.) Ozo Coffee- Back in the day, when East Boulder used to be my stomping ground for work, I frequented the Ozo Coffee Shop on Arapahoe and 55th(ish)... and by 'frequented', I mean 'visited' Monday-Friday. Since I now call Downtown Boulder my (work) home, you can imagine how happy I am that Ozo followed suit, (stalkers...) and set up shop Downtown as well. Fabulous coffee, plenty of seating and room, and really pretty latte art. (Don't judge me. You know those pretty little flowers and designs in your coffee add a little bit of happiness to your day!).

And last but not least:

7.) Starbucks- This is where you'll typically find an open seat, a fast line, and dirty stares from locals when you leave with you're logoed Starbucks cup in tow. While I am a loyal, loyal customer to each and every barista at each of the coffee shops listed above, I must remain friendly with the place that introduced me to Pumpkin Spice lattes. #sobusted



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