Posted on March 27, 2012

Fact: 5/7 days I need an afternoon caffeine fix

Fact: Downtown has 17 places to get coffee

Fact: Today is an iced coffee kind of day

Now, the tricky part is trying to figure out where to go. If I start on the West End, I’ll run into Spruce Confections and have to get a chocolate croissant to go with my coffee, but if I go to Trident then I’ll be there for at least 45 minutes perusing the book section. I’ve never been to Amante or Ozo, so I would have to thoroughly look over the menu to make sure I’m not missing out on any specials. The Unseen Bean has a phenomenal veggie sandwich, which I’m sure would go perfectly with an iced latte. Then there is Tee & Cakes which is definitely a dangerous option with all their cupcakes and scrumptious treats staring me down; coffee will not be the only thing I walk out of there with. If I go to Atlas Purveyors, then I’ll probably get a tea latte, which is not bad, except I’m on a mission for iced coffee. The Cup is always irresistible when I see people soaking up the sun and hanging out front with their pups. Laughing Goat not only has plenty of space for me to sprawl out with my Spring Break homework, but it also has tons of fun art and an exceptional music selection. And the quaint Boxcar Coffee Roasters is on my way home, so it’s convenient. Too many decisions!  And yet there are so many more to pick through right here.

Happy iced coffee day!


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