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As a follow up to my May 25 post, Zappos & Downtown Boulder in the same sentence?, I am writing a review of Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness on the official day of his book launch. I jumped at the chance to receive a free advance copy of the book because the same entrepreneurial spirit that runs through Hsieh can be found throughout Downtown Boulder.

Delivering Happiness provides the makings of a road map to personal success - simply by finding your own happiness. Sounds easy enough right? For Hsieh, finding happiness came as a result of gigantic leaps of faith, risk taking, a lot of hard work, reflecting inward and just a little bit of luck (well, not to mention surrounding himself with people of similar interests, passions and goals).

No matter what stage you are in your professional or personal life, Hsieh provides some great insight in finding your way. His writing style is laid back and friendly. He takes readers on a journey through his experience over the past decade or so. He’s open and honest about his thoughts and emotions. Hsieh puts the secrets to Zappo’s success right out there for everyone to see.

In the final section of the book, Hsieh engages readers to start the internal process of figuring out for ourselves what our goal is in life and illustrates that in the end of our personal search, the goal for all of us is the same: we all just want to be happy. He might not have the exact answers on how each of us can get to this happy place, but he provides a good starting point and plenty of inspiration through his own journey. No matter who you are or what industry you are in Delivering Happiness is a pretty darn good summer read.

Bringing this topic back around to Downtown Boulder, I feel like I’m surrounded by people who have found their own happiness. From the retailers who work seven days a week and the passionate restaurateurs who have made our downtown a foodie’s paradise, to the talented, creative and energetic second story businesses, Downtown Boulder is full of people with a similar passions and goals. We are happy and it shows! Enjoy Hsieh’s book. Enjoy Downtown Boulder. Enjoy the book while enjoying Downtown Boulder!

Want to win a free copy of Delivering Happiness? The first person to send an email to will receive a copy (courtesy of our friends at FOLLOW UP: CONGRATS TO LAUREN C. WHO WON THE COPY!

~ Terri

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