Posted on March 1, 2011

This could be you!!

Sometimes, during the cold and snowy winter months, we get a case of the "winter blues". (I'm pretty sure that is the correct technical term for it). On the days that "dumping snow" is an understatement, I-70 is too jammed to even bother strappin' your board or skis into your Thule and making the trek to the mountains, and those loathsome chinook winds race down the Flatirons, antagonizing our peaceful city-- we are forced to spend time inside. We play video games (like kinect...), or board games. We watch movies, we incessantly check the weather channel for a sign of that tiny, dancing sun they put up on the screen. We become indoor people. We long for the days of 70 degree weather when we can grab our bikes, our running shoes or our hiking boots, and hit the trails. Days that entice us to quit our work day early so we can get first dibs on a seat for happy hour at one of Downtown Boulder's many outdoor patios. I'm a huge outdoor aficionado. I'm pretty sure they don't make a cure for the case of the "winter blues" that I get.

So, with spring just around the corner, I'd like to take this time to amp everyone up and get everyone excited for the great weather, the upcoming outdoor activities and fill you in on some of the best places in Downtown to fuel up, or grab a rewarding alcoholic beverage after a hard day of living the Boulder Dream. Cheers everyone. May the first day of Spring come quickly and last long.

1.) Bicycles. It's Boulder, just about everyone has one. Whether you're an advanced rider or just joining the Thursday night cruiser ride be sure to get your tune ups, get schooled on the art of biking or take advice from Full Cycle in the East End, or University Bikes in the West End. Both places offer really great expertise and training advice. If you don't have a bike, and aren't really sure about buying one, both have a variety of bikes for different uses that they rent out.

2.) Being an outdoor enthusiast is fun, and dressing the part is essential. Right now, I'm fairly obsessed with some of the clothes and accessories that PrAna has in their store. Walking by their shop everyday is a little less like window shopping, and more like window stalking. It's a tough job spending my non-existent paycheck on fun clothing to fuel my outdoor obsessions... but someone has to keep this economy moving. I'm also a huge fan of Outdoor Divas. I just picked up my first pair of climbing shoes from their store. (Great shoes, great price!). Super excited about my shoes, but was even more excited to walk around the mall with my Outdoor Divas logoed bag. (The bag screams, "That's right, I'm a woman, and an athlete and an outdoor lover, yet still incredibly sassy chic...See this bag? Yeah that's right. Who wants some?").

3.) Since it's not quite Spring yet, get your train on at One Boulder Fitness, and get yourself ready for those long bike rides or grueling marathon runs. One Boulder Fitness offers dance classes, yoga classes, cycling classes, ab-lab classes, kick-boxing classes and even ski conditioning classes. However, they do not offer etiquette classes-- that's just something you'll have to learn on the trail.

4.) After a morning filled with some sun-loving, trail cruising and calorie burning -- fuel back up with a killer omelette from Foolish Craig's.  They serve breakfast till 5:00 p.m., and have nine delicious omelets to chose from, along with lots of other nosh-worthy breakfast and lunch items. The Mexicali Blues omelette has powered me through many a Sunday afternoon.

5.) One word. Patio. What better way to soak in the beautiful Colorado sun, than by posting up on a patio Downtown and enjoying an adult beverage.. or two, sometimes three... but hey, it's the weekend. Don't judge me. Boulder Cafe, Bacaro, The Lazy Dog, Centro... Patios. Mmmm. Whether it's a rooftop patio, or a patio that gives you a front row seat to some of the best people-watching ever, it's definitely the place to be on a sunny Colorado afternoon. Sandals and shades permitted, but sandals with socks are not. Here's a full list for your perusal.

So, as the season of powder and snow days comes to an end, and the season of high temps and dancing suns commences... ask yourself this.

Are you ready for Spring, Boulder?


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