DIY Drinks @ Salt the Bistro

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Do-it-yourself (DIY) is all the rage these days. The American consumer has evolved into one that thinks they know best and prefer to have the most control possible over what they buy. NikeID? Boom, success. iGoogle? everything you want in one place, awesome! Salt, Chef Bradford Heap's restaurant that took the place of Tom's Tavern, is taking the phenomenon of mass customization a little closer to home with the launch of their new drink concept, Cocktail Element. Guests design their own cocktail recipes, using a “make-your-own” menu, by circling a spirit/base, flavor element, style, and size. They also have the opportunity to name their creation.

Keeping true to Salt style, (the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table), ingredients such as herbs and syrups are grown/made in house whenever possible.
The best thing about this whole idea is that creator, Evan Faber, notes suggestions of parings based on the spirit you choose. Definitely helpful, as we are all not master mixologists. Given free reign to make my own cocktail, two things would happen: I tend to cave when presented with too many options, so I would immediately get flustered and panic and then after talking through my crisis for ten minutes, I would circle everything because I can't make up my mind and end up with some truly awful drink like cinnamon tequila fizz. So if you hear about any drink that starts out with Gage's ______, don't order it.

Live the local and check out what's going on at Salt and the rest of Downtown Boulder this weekend. Oh, and proceed cautiously today because it's Friday the 13th! Boo! (You jumped)


PS- This is awesome



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