Downtown Summer Sun Escapes

Posted on June 10, 2016

The BolderBOULDER road race is a “rite of passage” Boulder experience. Not being a runner, I hoped my old days of soccer would pull my legs through the “10K of Greatness” I had heard so much about. During the actual race I was so overwhelmed with the excitement, neighborhood parties, and costumes that I was distracted from the pain of my legs. ( I know, I should have trained more.) After the glorious feeling of crossing the finish line in Folsom Field, all I wanted to do was sit down. We found a spot in the stadium and watched the fantastic Memorial Day tributes. Before the soreness could really sink in was when I began to truly feel the power of the Colorado sun for the first time. So whether you’ve just conquered six miles or are spending a leisurely family day downtown, here are my favorite places to cool down around Pearl Street.

On the Bricks

Right in front of the courthouse is a hub of activities. Hand off your electronic devices to someone else in your party and sprint through the pop jet fountains like you were 12 again. Ten out of ten would recommend this stress reliever to anyone. (Just remember to be aware of the little ones as you splash!) There are perfect places nearby for a picnic. Forget your own food? No fear. A plethora of food carts are waiting nearby. (...I even spy Glacier Ice Cream waiting to soak up the summer business, YUM!)

The Boulder Public Library

The Boulder Library's location is perfect for a visit post a day at the park. The library is a great escape to get out of the direct sunlight and pick up a great find. Best part is, the library is fit for and can entertain all ages. You can enjoy the books in their spacious and modern cafe, Seeds. If you’ve finally cooled down, you can bring your checked-out books into the sun on their patio or nearby green spaces for an afternoon of outdoor reading. Libraries are the best place to discover new favorite books. Don’t forget to pick out something special just for you, and give your eyes a break from staring at a screen.

Boulder Creek

The Boulder Creek sneaks through the downtown area and right next to the library is the perfect spot to dip your toes in after a long day. The water is still cold but is extremely refreshing. The creek has become one of my favorite stops after a trip to the Boulder Farmers Market or most recently the Boulder Creek Festival. Proceed with caution: The waters are moving a little fast right now. One should always practice safety around bodies of water, but the current was a little much for the annual Duck Race during the Boulder Creek Festive. (Which has now been postponed to Labor Day through the Hometown Festival.)  Never fear, the waters should be safe enough for Tube to Work Day (July 15th, mark your calendars!).

Grab your SPF 50 and bucket hats because a Downtown Boulder summer is waiting!

See you out there,



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