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I feel like I'm constantly talking about how I'm broke and can't afford anything in this blog, so I wanted to clarify: I do have some money, I promise. But like any recent grad, it's pretty limited funding, so I can appreciate (and possibly obsess about) a good deal. And I like to pass these good deals on to you; sharing the wealth is good karma! So I went on a field trip a few days ago to scout out all the cheap lunches down here downtown.

Lunch is an important meal--it's suppose to revitalize you to get you through the remainder of your workday, but it's often overlooked and even I'm guilty of skimping and nibbling at my desk rather than running out for a quick bite. But now none of us have an excuse because I made a whole web page devoted to my findings! And these listings are meant to accommodate a speedy lunch hour, with a few sit-down opportunities sprinkled in, so you can definitely fit something in. Everything I came up with is also under FIVE BUCKS. Yeah, amazing, I know.

Plus there's a little something for everyone--from a BBQ sandi at The Rib House to hummus and baba ghannuj at Arabesque and sushi at Japango. And there's healthy options at Mountain Sun or you can go for fast food at Freddie's Hot Dog Stand.

To make it reeeeallllly easy, I even included a map for your personal reference for making decisions based on proximity.

So take a little look see at my handy work and maybe you can make time for lunch today. I'm sure if I have a fiver on hand, you surely must.

Lunch on!


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