The Pie That Brought Men To Tears

Posted on June 4, 2015

Have you ever been disappointed? I mean like tear-jerking, dream-shattering, sobbing streams of tears disappointed. I never have been, because I am perfect. My older brother, Brian, however, has felt this pang of true frustration. It came in the form of a pie. Brian loves cherry pie. It is his favorite thing on this earth.  I’m pretty sure he likes cherry pie more than he likes me. One day, or as I now call it D-Day, Brian came prancing in the kitchen with a skip in his step that could only mean one thing: the cherry pie had arrived.  He took a giant bite of what he thought was his golden, cherry-filled, gift from heaven. Suddenly, his face contorted and turned the same shade of red as his beloved cherries.  The pie had been mislabeled. It was not cherry pie. It was strawberry rhubarb. The horror! I swear to you, tears were shed.  A truly shameful display.  I’m almost so embarrassed for him; I don’t want to put this on the internet. Almost. Naturally, my curiosity was peaked and I tried a bite of the pie. I was hooked. Strawberries became my addiction, a hunger I could never satiate. I wanted them. I needed them.

You can only imagine my joy when I found out the Boulder County Farmers Market has brought back the strawberries!  Longmont's Ollin Farms and Aspen Moon Farm are the first farms of the summer season to be stocked with strawberries! The return of cherries also deserves an honorable mention. So if you go to the Boulder Farmers Market this weekend, you will most likely see me running around crazy-eyed, grabbing every strawberry in sight, possibly foaming at the mouth. Proceed with caution.  Don’t let my strawberry-craze deter you from spending a wonderful afternoon at the Boulder Farmers Market, in my experience it is always worth the trip. You might even want to try Lola’s Strawberry Rhubarb Jam recipe!

I already know what you’re thinking. The answer is yes.  Yes, I will be sending my brother a strawberry rhubarb pie labeled as cherry.

Happy Shopping!

- Jessica

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