Favorite Parts of Fall Series | Pt. 2

Posted on October 11, 2016

Rise & Shine

Along with happy hour (see Friday’s post), I loooove coffee. If I don’t have my morning cup o’ Joe the forecast for my day is going to be grumpy with a side of sleepy - and who wants that? Not me! Check out a few of the places I go to in order to wake up.


Ozo Coffee Co.

  • Tucked away on Pearl street’s West End, there’s nothing quite like Ozo.The combination of friendly and  knowledgeable staff with the delicious coffee makes it to the top of my list of places to go.

The Cup - Espresso Cafe

  • Along with their fair trade organic coffee (yay for sustainable business practices, right guys?!) The Cup has delicious breakfast bagels and sandwiches. With a full belly and warm coffee in hand, I’m always off to a great start when I stop in here.

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

  • YOU. GUYS. Boxcar is amazing in so many ways. The coffee is delicious and the atmosphere is great! If you want the perfect blend of strong coffee with a great taste - this is the place to go.


With an abundance of coffee shops here in downtown Boulder I’m excited to explore and try new places each week. Here’s to crisp mornings, the changing of seasons and a warm cup of coffee to start the day off right. With tomorrow’s post, we go creative and take you on a tour of downtown’s best (and warmest) art galleries.





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