Favorite Parts of Fall Series | Pt. 3

Posted on October 12, 2016

Galleries Galore

After warming up with a cup of coffee, or relaxing with a happy hour special, another way to keep warm this time of year is to explore all of the outstanding art galleries in downtown Boulder.

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

  • With the celebration of 45-years, Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery is a one of a kind place. It has work being exhibited by artists from Boulder and all around the country, on all different platforms and it’s one of my favorite places because of the varying displays of craftsmanship.

SmithKlein Gallery

  • Sculptures, glass and an abundance of contemporary paintings, SmithKlein Gallery has art that anyone and everyone can enjoy. With over 30 years of being in Boulder, there’s always something new to admire and view.

Art + Soul Gallery

  • The combination of sophisticated designer jewelry and new gallery shows every month, Art + Soul is constantly evolving. Along with the amazing selection of art, it’s always great to see Winston, owner Debbie Klein’s pup and customer service rep.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

  • BMoCA is a one-of-a-kind venue that’s always on the forefront of up and coming art. Their current exhibition, Evolving Visions of Land and Landscape, is out of this world wonderful. History, art and the visual representation of our ever-changing urban environment is breathtaking.


Keeping warm with coffee, unwinding with happy hour and exploring and appreciating art and all it has to offer are just a few of the ways to stay warm in downtown Boulder this season.





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