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The minute I set foot in my freshman year dorm room seven years ago, I abandoned any and all fashion sense I had cultivated throughout high school. I went from heels to flip-flops and skirts to jeans paired with old race t-shirts. I rarely blew out my hair and ran to catch my bus every morning after only a quick application of mascara and a swipe of chapstick. Now that I've graduated and am looking for a big-girl job, I've obviously had to make some changes in my appearance but it has been a weary transition. I'm stuck in a fashion rut--or more accurately, a fashion "Gap". My entire wardrobe consists of Gap pairings, and while I feel comfortable--bordering on stylish--in my outfits, the time has certainly come for me to add a little zip! to my daily efforts.

And am I ever in luck! The first Fashion Under the Flatirons is right under my nose. This Thursday, March 11, around 25 to thirty local vendors will showcase their goods at the Boulder Theater for my (and your) approval. And to boot, all guests will receive a little hot pink 20% discount card to use the following three days at participating Downtown Boulder shops.

Ok, wait wait wait--so, all I have to do is walk down the street to the Boulder Theater and dozens of fashionable outlets await me? And then I have the power of a discount card, too?? Talk about making it easy! Baby steps to style...

And here's the kicker: Olympian and former NFL & CU star Jeremy Bloom is emcee-ing the whole shebang. Ooo la la! There's another thing I remember from my freshman year at CU; a giant crush on Jeremy Bloom.

So join me this Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m., tickets are only $35 but they're selling out fast! Or if you feel like treating yourself, roll up VIP style for $100 and receive a runway seat, VIP service (blowout and mini-mani), two drink tickets and a goody bag.

By the way I'll be the one in head to toe Gap. (But not for long!)


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