Posted on October 7, 2015

Foxy - Autumn Industry Night at Fjallraven Boulder (Get Outdoors!)

Happy October everyone! The Orangiest month of all is finally here, and so are all the tasty, warm, festivities that belong to Autumn. This week I had the pleasure to attend yet another great work-related event, as Fjallraven hosted their Autumn Industry Eve at their downtown store location. As the evening’s chilly air and darker skies start to creep in a little sooner each week, I appreciate Autumn festivities such as these even more.

Walking into the cozy store, I was instantly greeted by the sweet warm smell of the leather merchandise and outdoor ware. All around the walls hung photographs of breathtaking Swedish landscapes. I even spotted a little sign with the captions “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Coming to the United States for college from Norway, this resonated with me as I have heard this Scandinavian saying countless times growing up. Though these words may not be particularly true for Boulder and our 300 days a year of sunshine,  it is most certainly true for the cold and dark winter months back home in Scandinavia. Seeing this sign made me think of home, as this is a popular saying people use all the time to excuse the absurd weather. Making my way around the store I realized it was filled with the best of the outdoor industry’s insiders, as people snacked on appetizers provided by The Kitchen and sipped on beverages by The Bitter Bar. I had the chance to talk with other downtown insiders such as Zeal Optic, Wonder Press, and a new personal favorite of mine also reminding me much of home; Alpine Modern. Events like these are what truly create an inclusive and personal community downtown, and I was very happy to get to be a part of it!  

In other news the office has been busy as usual, I’ve been working on updating the dates and events for our new 2016 Downtown Boulder Guide Book (see 2015 version here) as well as my usual intern duties. Our next upcoming event will be the Munchkin Masquerade held on Halloween! This will be a great family event, as kids are encouraged to come downtown with their parents to trick or treat in our spooky-fun stores between 2 and 4 pm. Till next time, enjoy those pumpkin lattes, and make sure you get outdoors to smell those leaves changing!

hade på bade! –Maria Bond 

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