Friday Night is Funky Night in the DTB

Posted on February 3, 2012

You might have looked out your window this morning and let out a shriek of excitement as you realized school was cancelled and maybe even work. Maybe you smiled and sunk back into your blankets to indulge in that satisfaction of a snow day. But Boulder, that is no excuse to not make plans for your Friday night. To get that surge of motivation going, I give you a few indoor options which are sure to make you enjoy every step you walked (or biked?) in the snow to get downtown.

I hope you’re ready for some top notch music tonight, because Downtown Boulder is blowing up with all sorts of incredible live music. To get your ears ready for a rip rocking good time, be sure to eat a nutritious dinner (to get your strength to 110%), hydrate (because it makes you beautiful), find and put on your dance pants (none of that sweat-pant stuff), rally up the troops (people who have equal excitement to jam), and don’t forget to warm up (listen to a few good tunes to get your voice and dance moves at that perfect level). Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for a good time.

At the Boulder Theater, we have Dr. Dog. Now this may sound like an odd name for a band, a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg love child perhaps, but there is nothing odd about their passion for delivering the best music. Dr. Dog is a six man band hailing from Pennsylvania playing music that has been strongly influenced by the 60s, with some psychedelic rock influences. Boulder Theater is proud to host these fine young men as they prepare to release their second album on February 7 under the Anti-Records label. “This record comes from our pushing toward a rawer, more powerful, somewhat jittery competence…music that’s got its roots in live expression rather than that studio-perfected sort of vibe.” So basically, Dr. Dog is not just some band that only sounds good on a CD, but a band that thrives on sounding best live; which is how it should be. This just in: Dr. Dog has been postponed due to the weather! However, you can use your ticket to see The Lemonheads tonight at the Fox instead! Check this out for more information.

If you are skeptical about Dre/Dogg love child band and instead wish to enjoy the smooth sounds of a jazz trio, then pop on over to The Rib House and listen to the Chris Kroger Trio. The Denver native trio is a phenomenal combination of jazz and blues, guaranteed to get your fingers a snappin’ and your foot a tappin’.  Personally, I never used to be into jazz music, but I had an epiphany this summer that changed the inner workings of my music loving soul. I strolled into a club on “free jazz night” and ended up being the last one to leave because I simply could not get enough. The sounds of the Chris Kroger Trio has brought me back to that very summer night where I became friends with jazz music, so I highly encourage you, lovers of jazz or not, to cruise into The Rib House tonight and let the music take you over.

A night of only music sound too singular? How about a night of art and culture instead? OpenArts Studio is hosting their art fundraiser and celebration from 6-10 p.m. at the Rembrandt Yard. For $50 per person, you will have the opportunity to eat, drink, and enjoy art with fellow art appreciators. Bid on work juried by Open Studios artists, vote for the 2012 Open Studios Fall Artist Tour poster image, and mingle with new and old friends. Festive attire is encouraged and all ages are welcome!

So let it snow, let it snow! But bring on the jams and have a delightful night of good music, good company, and good times. Check out our event calendar for more listings of music and happenings in our snow kissed downtown.


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