Posted on April 12, 2011

We've all been there. Elbow deep in kleenex riddled with nasty green and yellow goo; praying that the threatening on-set of another sneeze attack will de-escalate on its own. We've all promised everything from giving up swearing, to our first-born, in exchange for one blissful hour that isn't spent expeling  the tiny amount of chicken noodle soup and cherry 7-up that we've managed to consume. Being sick-- sucks. (I'm not too fond of the person that got me sick either). I spent the entire weekend held hostage by the flu, stuck in my apartment with all of the blinds drawn, the phone on silent, and fort-like set up of all of the "sick" necessities strewn around my pillow filled couch. Thankfully it fake-snowed in Boulder over the weekend-- fake-snow on my free days makes me feel better about missing out on all of the outdoor activities that Boulder has to offer.

Luckily, I'm feeling better and am no longer a walking ball of germs. I've been following the Doctor's orders and doing things like taking Vitamin C, drinking lots of liquids, and avoiding children at all costs. (Children are carriers of all things "sick"). Feeling better means I get to partake in the events going on in Downtown this week, which is great, because this week happens to be a pretty outrageous week in event world in Downtown Boulder. So big that this blog post is going to have to be a two-parter! So keep reading for events going on this week, and stay tuned for my next post, specifically about the awesomeness that will be this Friday, April 15, 2011.

This Wednesday brings the Communikey Festival to Boulder. If you're into bright lights and shiny things, this event is for you. Communikey is a Boulder-based interdisciplinary organization dedicated to social, cultural, and ecological innovation through creative process. The CMKY festival features live music, workshops, discourse, dancing, live cinema, art exhibitions, and installations at a range of venues throughout Boulder. 
Click here for more details on Communikey.

Wednesday also brings one of my favorite events of the week. Every Wednesday, of every week, Centro plays host to "date night" that includes Centro Paella for two along with a bottle of wine. I like this event, because although I am a single, I can eat and drink like a double... so I'm considering cutting back on the carbs this week to leave room in my stomach for all of that yummy paella (and as much of that bottle of wine that I can handle). That's right. Score one more for the UnCouple.

Saturday brings the highly anticipated Boulder County Farmers' Market. Since I still have not been able to attend the center of all things local, organic, delicious, but miss the sample-filled goodness that is the  Farmers' Market, the words "highly anticipated" are absolutely appropriate here.

Saturday also brings "Dansko Day" at the Pedestrian Shops. Who has two thumbs and wants to save up to 30% on all Danskos (and clogs) AND get a free gift with each Dansko purchase? This girl. It might be wise for those of you planning on hitting the Farmers' Market, to make a stop at the Pedestrian Shops and pick up a pair of comfy Danskos to carry you through a day of #BoulderGrocereyShopping.

And last but definitely not least: What better way to end your week then a beer dinner from the creative mind of Chef Theo Adler, at The Pinyon in Downtown's beautiful East End, Sunday night. The Pinyon is pairing up with Boulevard Brewing for a six-course beer with the best of the best from Boulevard and delicious items from The Pinyon kitchen. The dinner is $60 per person which is so reasonable for the menu being offered, that you should probably take the Pinyon up on their offer and make reservations ahead of time.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg! Stay tuned for Part II of the Awesome April Events Blog Post.


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