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I think I made it pretty clear in my St. Patrick's Day post that I am all for early morning drinking. So naturally, when I heard that West End is opening early for select World Cup games next month, I was in. Except for...the soccer part. Hopefully what I'm about to tell you won't sour your affections towards me, but...

I don't like soccer. Seriously. I like almost every other sport (even golf), but I just can't get on board with the foosball. Maybe it's spurred by yet another deficiency in my youth (my coach used to say, "Ok, just stand by the goal and if the ball comes near you, kick it really hard"), or that I knew way too much about the soccer players on my high school's team. Or that I am Canadian. Or that I watched my ex-boyfriend play hours of FIFA instead of taking me out to dinner. In any case, I just can't stand it! One time, I said so to a guy I was dating and never heard from him again; the only obvious/possible reason for that, being that I didn't appreciate his national sport.

Luckily, The West End Tavern has plenty of other offerings to distract me, like booze. There will be Kentucky Coffee (read: Bourbon), a Do-It-Yourself Bloody Mary Bar, Wisconsin Lunch Box's, and a daily cocktail and beer special. On top of that, breakfast burritos and an omelet-of-the-day to start the day off right.

So I'm going to go to WET to be one of those girls I hate at baseball games: the ones who don't pay any attention to the actual sport; they're just there to socialize and drink. But that's actually a good thing, because I happen to be a pretty feisty sports fan--I've almost been kicked out of rec softball games before. So believe me; tame, clueless Stacy is much better than unruly, game-following Stacy.

See you there?


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