Happy Independents* Day!

Posted on July 2, 2014

July 4 is Independence Day, or as we like to call it, Independents Day (or Week)! This is a time not only to celebrate our country, but also to celebrate the independent business owners that are the backbone of our wonderful country.

Independents Week is an annual campaign to engage local independent businesses and citizens in celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom that our local businesses embody. Independents Week also is an occasion to recognize small businesses' contributions to the community--and to affirm citizens' role in shaping their community’s future.

As Americans we have the right to make independent decisions. We can be self sufficient, we are free from outside control, we get to decide if we want to eat gummy bears for dinner. So let's make the independent decision to support independent businesses this week...(well that's a tongue twister)! Studies show that buying from an independent, locally owned business benefits the community on many levels, including boosting the economy, creating jobs, and reducing environmental impacts. 

Downtown Boulder is home to many independently owned restaurants, shops, salons, and stores. Over 85% of downtown's businesses are independently owned! These businesses exemplify the uniqueness and individuality of the Boulder community. The business owners are our friends and neighbors, so let's take this week to celebrate them!

Each business has their own unique story. From Rich and Norma Trevino who manage the West End Salon in memory of their late daughter, to Sarah Amorese all the way to the European flair, Piece, Love, and Chocolate, or even at Farfel's Farm where Jeff and Sandy rescue 353 dogs per year, the local businesses in Boulder are truly extraordinary. To learn more interesting facts and tidbits about your favorite Downtown Boulder business, check out our Small Business Spotlights!

So what can YOU do to help? We encourage you to go local, and to support as many independently owned businesses as possible.

Join thousands of other business owners and consumers to celebrate independence, and independents!

Source: American Independent Business Alliance, a non-profit organization helping communities build and sustain a thriving independent business community. Read more. 

Sammie (the intern)

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