Happy Sipping at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival

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Happy Sipping - Insider Tips for the 2015 Boulder Craft Beer Festival

Hello Colorado Beer lovers!

Chelsea here. As many know, I’m a self-proclaimed beer-lover and an aspiring aficionado. It’s been almost a year since the Inaugural Boulder Craft Beer Festival (BCBF) in 2014 and I’m getting thirsty. Last year I gave you the lowdown of everything that I was looking forward to in my post “Cheers to Boulder Craft Beer!”. In this post I will be telling you some insider tips for attending this year (based on what I saw at the 2014 event).

Let me start off by saying that the first ever Boulder Craft Beer Festival in 2014 was a blast! The food was great and the beer was even better. The event even sold out in its inaugural year, and it was full (but not too full) of beer lovers coming together and interacting over shared passions.

After spending all day at the festival last year, I learned a couple of “insider tips” that I want to share with you for Boulder Craft Beer Fest 2015:

  1. Pretzel necklaces. Pretzel necklaces. Pretzel necklaces.
    There will be food there for purchase. It will be good and you will be hungry but you’ll want snacks too. Added benefit: pretzel necklaces are hands-free!
  2. Don’t be a hero, bring sunscreen and wear it. Wear a hat too.
    Getting burned by the sun isn’t fun. End of story: you should be going home with positive memories of the festival, not sunburns.
  3. Bring a raincoat.
    This is Boulder, the weather is unpredictable and you never know what that sunny day will look like in an hour. During last year’s event, there was a 5-minute rainstorm during which people with raincoats were sitting pretty. It was short but wet (as rain tends to be).
  4. Get a t-shirt.
    The tasting glasses are awesome but you can’t wear 'em the next day. How else will all of your friends know that you were went to this awesome event (besides all of the social media, pictures, bragging, etc)? (T-shirts are included with the VIP ticket, or you can purchase one online for $15 & at the event for $20.)
  5. Document it.
    We live in a society of sharing. Take pictures, videos and share it on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the list goes on. Write about it and share it using #DowntownBoulder, we’re listening.
  6. Bring a good attitude.
    We’re all here for a reason: we love this hoppy and malty fermented juxtaposition that we call “beer” and we want to share this love with everyone.
  7. Buy tickets early- this event will sell out!
    This event is a golden opportunity for beer lovers and tickets go fast! Don't procrastinate. Go buy tickets right now.

Keep these tips in mind for this year’s event on Sunday, August 22 and you’ll be prepped to have the time of your life at the Boulder Craft Beer Festival. Get ready for West Central Park to become beer-lovers utopia.

Happy sipping,

:) Chelsea

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