Hike 5 days without touching ground, Free dive to 100 meters and climb the cliffs of Tazmania:The Adventure Film Festival!

Posted on November 2, 2011

This past spring I spent a semester studying abroad on Semester at Sea.  For those who haven’t heard of this program, Semester at Sea is a study aboard experience sponsored by the University of Virginia (CU used to be the sponsor university!) that sends students on a voyage around the world aboard the MV Explorer cruise ship in order to gain global understanding and knowledge using the WORLD as your classroom.  I was lucky enough to travel to 11 countries in 104 days including Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Singapore. 

Spending an average of just six days in each country, I learned what it’s like to truly live life to the fullest.  With so little time to explore the countries, we packed every single day with the most thrilling and exploratory activities possible.  I went cage diving with Great Whites, camped on the Great Wall of China, rode elephants through the temples of Cambodia, taught math to Ghanaian school children and hunted crocodiles in the Amazon.  The experience is truly life changing.  There’s nothing like traveling to remote places and there’s absolutely nothing like making it into a crazy adventure. 

Ever since I’ve returned from my voyage I tend fall into a deep and dark depression every once in a while reminiscing the memories of my crazy semester.  One morning I sat and cried for a good 20 minutes just looking at the new voyages embarkation photos on Facebook (embarrassing).  Anyway, I happened to be in one my depressions when I stumbled upon an event that reminded me of all my travels (which I promptly added to my handy Downtown Boulder event calendar)…the Adventure Film Festival!  To my dismay, I’ve discovered that people actually LIVE this way…like all the time…not just for a couple of months.  And now they’re putting it on display for us all to drool over this weekend!

Kicking off tomorrow, October 3 with a community night at Patagonia, the festival lasts all weekend with films showing all day Friday and Saturday at the Boulder Theater.  The festival is “dedicated to all aspects of adventure, from the fearless eco-warrior, to the alpine adventurer, all around the world and back again to our Boulder backyard, this year’s festival premieres the most exciting and inspirational award-winning independent films that ignite a passion for travel, discovery and change.”  Out of 200 submissions, a selection committee handpicked 40 independent films to show this weekend.  Films follow adventures such as climbing the peaks of Pakistan, kayaking through the Congo, snowboarding the world’s most difficult terrain, and even skateboarding with man’s best friend. 

See all of the film descriptions and a schedule here.  It’s $50 for a full festival pass, $25 for a Friday pass, $30 for a Saturday pass, and $15 for an individual show ticket.  (Check out the full adventure film festival website here!)  After Boulder, the festival moves to Chamonix, France and then to Chile.  Talk about some cool stops!

These talented film makers are the real deal.  Adventure is their life, not just their semester abroad.  I know I’ll being going to check out some movies, to live vicariously through their travels, and avoid depression for at least the weekend.  As the saying goes…if you can’t join them, watch them!  (Alright, I changed it a little) Enjoy this amazing event Boulderites!


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