How to Survive Graduation

Posted on April 27, 2015


First off, take a deep breath.  I know it may seem like life as you know it is over… but trust me, it’s quite the opposite.  Although our days of 12 am start times and late night pizza runs with our roommates may be over, we have so much to look forward to. In order to get you through these next few weeks of stress and anxiety, I’ve compiled a list of some fun activities you and your friends can take advantage of when you’ve got some free time. Because, hey, we deserve a little fun, don’t you agree? And Boulder is the perfect place for that.

For the outdoor adventurers, I challenge you to hike Chautauqua. And no, not just the very first uphill approach. We live in one of the most scenic places in the NATION! I propose you take a chance and make it all the way up to The Royal Arch. It may take a few hours and leave you out of breath, but the view is worth it. Before you go, head to Fjallraven on the West End of Pearl to get the best in hiking gear. Like their motto says “The Journey Starts Here,” and why not look good while doing it?

For the foodies, it’s time for you to hit your favorite spots before you move on to your next epic destination in the world! I know the thought of leaving the delicious rolls at Hapa and the tapas at The Med seems unbearable, but it’s time to accept it! With that being said, I challenge you to create a pre-graduation menu. Put your most beloved restaurants into one list, and hit them all come May 9th! Here’s mine as an example:

All You Can Eat [Tuesday 5 – 9:30pm] @ Japango

Happy Hour [Daily: 4 - 6] @ Tahona

Community Hour [Daily: 3 – 6] @ Next Door


If you’re like my parents, you may be even more nervous about graduation than your kids are (if that’s possible). I’ll give you the same advice: take a deep breath.  This is as much your day as it is ours, and you deserve to enjoy it too! As I’ve mentioned in previous graduation blogs, in my opinion a great photo can make or break your memory of an amazing day. Have no fear; Eight Days a Week is here to make all of your photo printing dreams come true! Whether you’ve found that one perfect picture, or if you’d like to print all 1,000 of them, Eight Days can bring it to life. If you’re staying at the St Julien that weekend, you’re in luck because Eight Days is less than a block away! Go print your photos before heading back to wherever it is you call home.

Parents and fellow graduates alike, let’s enjoy these last two weeks before the big day!

xx Chloe

Keep your eyes out for our grad gift guide, coming soon!



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