If You Give an Intern at Cookie...

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...she's going to try to take over your job. At least, that's what's happening at the DBI office this week. Eli--my boss--is in a whole other state for a few days and he gave me the reins and you better believe I'm running with them! I have a dozen windows open on the internet (work related, I promise), full access to the blog and Tweetdeck and the oldies channel playing on Pandora...yeah, life is good.

I'm settling into "life as Eli" reasonably well...

1. Witty and sardonic twitter-tude? Check.
2. Knowledge of passwords? Check.
3. General IT knowledge? Almost check.
4. Extremely intelligent, humorous, entertaining, good-looking intern sidekick? Uh...wait a minute! Who's gonna be my intern sidekick??

Unfortunate lack of sidekick aside, I have a feeling this is going to be a very successful week. Stay tuned for my random musings about keeping busy and the cool happenins' in Downtown Boulder. Oh, and for my Top Secret Intern Project. It's gonna be big.


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