Posted on July 26, 2016

Are YOU the next human Superman?

Early mornings, late nights, and a lot of sweat used to be my everyday life at CU.  I'm no stranger to hard work -  especially exercise with my daily life consisting of running and lifting while I was a CU football player.  At 6ft 4in and 247 pounds I was your typical hybrid end.  I was tall and lean, strong enough to hold off those 300 pound lineman, athletic enough to drop back into coverage, and quick enough to pass rush.  I was in the best shape of my life.  As an athlete I’m competitive in everything I do, therefore I’ll never say I can’t do something without trying it first. Hence, I am not going to say I CAN’T do this, but let’s just say that I may need an ambulance by the time I hit the finish line. IF I make it!

IRONMAN Boulder takes place in two weeks on Sunday, August 7, 2016. The triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112 mile multi-loop bike course, and a two-loop 26.1 mile running course.  The elaborate course starts at the Boulder Reservoir and takes quite a bit of turns throughout Boulder ending downtown on 13th Street near Arapahoe!

Many Downtown Boulder restaurants and shops are offering different deals and specials for triathlon competitors. Show either your wristband or bib to participating businesses, click here.

TOP tips for athletes:  

1) Yoga Inversions:

Yoga inversions are at the top of the list, and what better place (other than Boulder) to do some yoga.  Yoga is key advantage to keeping your muscles loose and remaining stress free.  The week leading up to the triathlon can be one of the most important.  Amana Yoga is a great place to get your yoga on.  They have a $12 happy hour deal everyday from 4-5pm, where classes are only $12.  Time to hit some downward dog!  

2) Look for tight spots in your body:

Although yoga will help, I’d suggest a foam roller, or a hard raquetball to get all of those tight kinks and knots out before the big day. Focus on keeping those legs loose as possible, so you feel light on your feet and prevent any possible injury during the race.  Bodywork Bistro is the perfect place to get those last second kinks out!  I’d suggest the deep tissue massage to, relieve some stress, and relax before the big day.  

3) It’s simple. Eat simple:

Digestion is a huge energy consumer.  And the last thing you need is a lack of energy on mile 63.5 of biking. Therefore let's maximize your energy input to the race, and eat simple.  Quick and easily digestible foods is what we’re going for, think juicer and blender!  Wonder Press Matcha Blend is the perfect smoothie to grab on the go and refuel.  The coconut milk, coconut water, and bananas provide more than enough potassium to recover, so drink up.  It taste AMAZING as well!  

Do not forget about August 5th's IRONMAN Boulder Welcome Concert, hosted by IRONMAN Boulder and Downtown Boulder!  Next week’s featured band The Samples will be the main attraction of the night, so come grab a marg, or beer and enjoy the night!  I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday, August 7th at the finish line!



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