Boulder Heatstroke

Posted on July 5, 2016

Kalahari heat in Boulder

Back home, I live in a valley north of San Francisco, where our summers do not dip below the low 90’s. This being my fourth summer spent in Boulder, I feel like I never left the heat of California.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know it gets hot in Boulder during the summer, but the whole month of June has been almost unbearable.  Boulder has almost exceeded the record temperature for each day in June, and is only going to get hotter this month.  I thought why not list some of the best places here in town to cool off and get out of this Boulder heat.

1) The Boulder Creek (Photo by About Boulder)

What better way to cool off than in water run-off from the mountains?  Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees this summer make the creek the ideal spot.  Grab a tube and make your way down the rapids!  Some of the best tubing can be found just upstream of the bridge at Broadway.  

2)  Spruce Pool (Photo by Crossfitroots

Grab a quick bite to eat on Pearl,  maybe a sandwich from Organic Sandwich Co.  and then its just a short walk, or a quick ride on the local bus.  Spend the rest of your day cooling down and tanning by the pool!  My personal favorite is acting like a kid all of over again and going down the ducky slide!

3) Boulder Outdoor Cinema (Photo by Jennifer Egbert

Although it does not consist of water like the other two options, it is a great way to cool down.  Boulder night time temperatures seem to be just perfect.  The sun heads over the horizon and won't return until the following day, and the nightly breeze just seems ever so cooling.  A nice movie at night seems like the cherry on top to staying cool this summer!  Outdoor Cinema is not an every week event, but they're playing the Big Lebowski July 16th, 2016! Check out for the full schedule and more updates this Summer!

This summer has been abnormally hot.  And summer officially just started not too long ago!  As I try to battle my way through this heat on a day to day basis, I try to find some sort of activity that’ll help me cool off, at least a little that is.  I hope to see you at one of the destinations I listed above because you’ll catch me there the rest of the summer!

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