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Travel Channel's reality show, Man vs. Food, airs its season premier this Wed, June 16th, and guess what? The episode will be taking place at Boulder's West End Tavern! Host Adam Richman will explore the food of Boulder before heading to West End to try his stomach on their preexisting Wing King Challenge. With current stats of 24-14 in all of the food challenges he has taken, it seems that the odds are with him as he attempts to consume 50 wings in 30 minutes. However, over 80 people have attempted the Wing King Challenge, and only 14 have succeeded in the task.

The West End will be hosting a watch party starting at 6 pm to see if the ambitious foodie will be crowned victorious. Inspired specials for the event include a Mini Wing King Challenge (6 wings in 1 minute to win 18 free wings), Rib Wings, Buffalo Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Salad, The Wing-Tini, tomato vodka, cucumber, hot sauce, salt & pepper rim, Buffalo Bloody, house infused vodka, wing sauce, garnished with a chicken wing, and Red Hot Beer.

Man vs. Food has always held me in a sort of grossed-out trance that I can't look away from. Curious to learn more about the host and find out if he has real estate in the cardiac center of his local hospital, I consulted my favorite source, Wikipedia. It turns out, the host has quite a routine to make sure his arteries escape semi-unscathed from challenges. He exercises twice a day when on the road, and when he can, doesn't eat the day before a show (healthy?). After filming for a challenge, Richman spends an hour on a treadmill. At least he's doing something.

Make yourself feel good about your eating habits by tuning in to the Travel Channel at 7:30 pm and see your favorite town on national television. Or better yet, visit the West End and take your own Mini Wing King Challenge and see how you measure up to the Man.


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