Meet Maddy, Our Newest Intern

Posted on September 23, 2016

Lost in Downtown Boulder

I should probably introduce myself, right? Hi! My name is Maddy and I’m a student at the University of Denver. I’m beyond excited to be here in Boulder this semester sharing my new adventures with you all. I had a blast working at Fall Fest last week where I had the task of checking I.D.s. at the awesome beer, wine and margarita garden. Now, having recently turned 21 myself, I’ll admit that I was somewhat nervous when I was instructed to check every single I.D. no matter if they looked 21 or 75. I’m sure many of you can imagine that I received a lot of “Why, I haven’t had my I.D. checked in over two decades!” or “Really? I didn’t realize I looked so great for my age!” along with a handful of chuckles. With the combination of great conversation, funky tunes and the opportunity to interact with the Boulder community this past weekend, Fall Fest was a great way to kick off my internship here at Downtown Boulder.With Fall Fest behind us and Fall Into Fashion upon us it’s safe to say that here in Downtown Boulder the fun is just beginning this season! While the leaves on Pearl Street have changed from green to gold, school has begun and along with these events the new intern for Downtown Boulder (me) has also arrived.


While I cannot wait to explore this beautiful city, I have a confession to make: I have a horrendous sense of direction. I seriously don’t know anyone else who gets as lost as me. I won’t lie, I have already gotten lost in Downtown Boulder while I was handing out flyers for Fall Into Fashion. So, if you see a girl with a Downtown Boulder canvas bag and she looks very, very, lost chances are that’s me!


While directions may not be my thing, coffee and music are. So far, coffee-wise, I’ve been to The Unseen Bean and loved the cozy feel of the cafe. As time goes on, I’ll be sure to let everyone in on my favorite-go-to spots. As for music, this fall I have my eye on a few different upcoming shows at Boulder Theater and might have to check out some local musicians while enjoying my favorite caffeinated beverage at The Laughing Goat.


As my time here at Downtown Boulder progresses, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with you all. Whether that be my lost adventures, favorite coffee spots or upcoming events put on by Downtown Boulder, I’ll be sure to do my best in keeping things fun, upbeat and up-to-date.




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