Meet Markeis, Summer 2016 Intern!

Posted on May 17, 2016

I'm from San Francisco, not Palo Alto.

Hello, Boulder! My name is Markeis Reed, and I am the new summer Marketing and Communications intern, here at Downtown Boulder.  Here’s a few FYI’s so that you can get to know me a little bit!

1) I just graduated from CU Boulder from the College of Media, Communication and Information, with degrees in Broadcast Production and Communications (Go class of 2016!).

2) I am originally from San Francisco, California, and yes the actual city.  I’m not one of those people that “claim” San Francisco, but are really from Palo Alto!

3) I came to CU on an athletic scholarship, where I played outside linebacker and Defensive End for the buffs from January 2013-August 2015.  My career was cut a little short, per choice. Why’d I stop playing? Well after a laundry list of injuries and the NFL not looking too promising, football just did not provide the same feeling as before so it was time to move on and start another chapter!

4) Although I am from the bay area, I’ve had my fair share of moving around.  I lived in Seattle for 6 years, and New York City for 4 ½ Years, California for 8, and now Boulder, going on 4 years!

I love this small city.  In a way it’s perfect!  Its proximity to the mountains, and Denver are just a few of the reason’s why Boulder is so great.  I love the progressive, fit, and savviness that attracts people.  And don’t get me started on the weather!  Getting used to the snow was tough at first, but the amount of sun in this little city is outstanding!  I’ve come to love how it can snow up to a foot, and you can take a 45 minute drive to the mountains, and snowboard for the day!

My first day in the office went well.  I received my schedule, and am adjusting to the new life as a working individual! I’ve already learned countless new things about downtown, and the different businesses and events that Pearl Street has to offer!  Although I can’t quite take full advantage of the sun while I’m in the office, and tan up my obnoxiously pale skin from the winter I look forward to sharing events, and providing more information to what is going on this summer in the Downtown Boulder area!


Signing off,
Markeis Reed!


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