New Store on the Block: Retail Therapy

Posted on January 30, 2013


Attention ladies, there’s a new shop on East Pearl! Retail Therapy is not just your typical clothing boutique, it takes shopping to a new level. On top of having incredibly stylish and very affordable clothing, this boutique has its own salon style dry bar.  This store is not about just going in, buying your things, and leaving.  Retail Therapy creates an experience.  It is a place you feel like you just want to hang out.  The store has big comfy couches, treats (Hershey kisses…yuumm!), and a coffee/tea bar.  Once you enter the store, you will not want to leave, and there is no reason to! Shop, get your hair done, and enjoy the company of the incredibly friendly staff.

This is the second location for Retail Therapy.  Owner Lisa Gindy has had her original store in Crested Butte for nine years now.  The Boulder location opened in December and they are thriving.  The stores main goals are affordability and customer service, both of which they really do well.  Retail Therapy has the perfect range of clothing.  Whether you’re looking for some designer jeans, such as Hudson, a simple cami, or an adorable dress to wear out on the town, Retail Therapy has you covered.

Another unique element of Retail Therapy is they are able to hold events for individual groups!  The store recently had a very successful girl’s night out for CU Boulder’s Delta Gamma sorority.  Retail Therapy closed the store to host just the sorority, brought in delicious appetizers, offered free blow outs, and allowed the ladies to just shop and enjoy each other’s company.  So next time you’re looking for an idea for a bridal party, sorority sisterhood, or you just want a night out with your girls, Retail Therapy is the place for you!   

Kira (intern)

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