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PSA- St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, this is not a drill people! Preparations must be made for the day drinking, green beer and all the luck of the Irish festivities that befalls downtown every year.

So many choices, so little time! Which is why it never hurts to start planning your day early, you have to be strategic here because St. Patrick’s Day is no joke. It’s an all day affair and this year you’ll get to enjoy the festive green lights on Pearl street after the sun sets! If you’ve never celebrated downtown before then you’re in good company because this will also be my first year. Making the decision to not spend the day on The Hill is a real testament to my maturity if I do say so myself I feel like I’m really adulting!

To prepare for the unknown, I’ve done quite a bit of research that I’m happy to share with you all! Below are a few highlights that I for one am stoked about:

Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery: Traditional Irish grub is an absolute must have on St. Paddy’s. Thankfully, Mountain Sun will have everything from shepherds pie (yum!) to corned beef and cabbage and of course green beer, can’t forget that!

West End Tavern: Jameson, Guiness and whiskey flights, can you get more festive than that? Apparently you can because West End Tavern will also have Irish dancers performing at 3pm! Talk about luck of the Irish- am I right?

License No. 1: For those of you who are looking for a classy affair, License No.1 will be hosting a special Spirits of the Irish event at 5pm, as well as an Irish acoustic session afterwards at 7:30pm- pinky’s up it’s gonna get fancy!

Pearl Street Pub & Cellar: Ah old faithful, The Pub is always a good option for all your drinking and celebratory needs. With classic bar food, darts and the iconic buffalo head (sko buffs), you can never go wrong with this classic on the Pearl Street Mall.

While I’m always an advocate for a good time, please drink responsibly! Hydration is everyone’s friend, please also use the buddy system. That being said, Happy St. Patrick’s Day you party animals!



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