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Posted on November 15, 2012

New Boutique in Boulder




Walking into Boulder’s newest boutique I had high expectations, you would as well if you checked out their website beforehand complete with a blog!  Luckily, my expectations were far than exceeded.  Walking into the store I was greeted by owner, Nod, and store dog Annie Lennox (absolutely adorable).  Nod & Rose was started by Nod and his wife Elizabeth Rose.  The store combines their two styles “hippie- chic” and “funky-while-fashionable.”  Something about these two styles works and the results are amazing!

  The store features a huge table of uniquely beautiful jewelry combining beautiful gems, shapes and metals.  My favorite had to be three delicately thin rings, one silver, one gold and one bronze.  Nod & Rose combines different styles, such as the different metal rings, beautifully. 

The men’s selection mixes comfortable and laid back styles of the typical Boulder male but adds a hip edge to the traditional uniform.  Flannel button ups paired with colored jeans will make the Boulder male rethink his usual attire.  The women’s selection is equally impressive featuring rich jewel tones that are in line with fall’s latest trends.   

As a college aged girl I have to say I think Nod & Rose has quickly become one of my favorite stores.   Their price points range from low to high which is perfect for the younger fashion forward crowd, who don’t necessarily have the budget to buy designer labels for every piece.   

To keep up to date with fashion this fall make sure you check out Nod & Rose and give Annie a scratch behind the ears for me!

  • Rebecca  (Intern)


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