Not so bitter about Bitter Bar

Posted on July 6, 2011

Yesterday, as I was updating the happy hour page, my love for a good happier hour grew (it’s five o’clock somewhere right?).  My overwhelming love for great food and eating out while on a college budget can be pretty hard to balance at times, so I found a compromise, happy hour (okay not that big of a compromise, but I’m sticking to it).  In honor of this compromise I decided to put one of these happy hours to the test.

Happy and The Bitter Bar stood out right away. Bitter Bar is tucked away right off Pearl Street’s West End.  I have to admit I didn’t  know much about the cuisine, but, the name was so enticing I decided to just figure out the food when I got there (very out of character seeing as I can be a picky eater). My first glance went to the amazing cocktail choices,  all at just $4. I decided on the “42 Pink Party”, seeing as my favorite color is pink , I was sold on the name alone. It was a delicious mix of pomegranate and fresh mint (yum). It was  an absolutely divine, fabulous cocktail, perfect for a happy hour!

On to the food:  As I quickly learned, the cuisine is Asian fusion with a little bit of everything. My boyfriend and I split this phenomenal spicy chicken rice bowl special and the sesame flat bread with pesto and fresh mozzarella (I wouldn’t complain if I had that in front of me right now despite it being breakfast hour). Everything just got better from there. This Restaurant/Bar is one of my new top ten favs, hands down. There was plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and everything exceeded all expectations. The whole “Happy” part in the name was really kicking in right about then.

If you’re looking for a great happy hour, with an array of food ranging from small to large plates, and a cocktail list that is near to impossible to narrow down,  this is the place. I promise you whether you’re a well whiskey drinker, or a world renowned wine connoisseur,  Bitter Bar’s Mixologists will not disappoint. In fact he gave me just the amount of liquid courage to attempt a ride on the famous bull at Shooters later that night (flop). So if my love for this restaurant bar isn’t convincing enough, put your taste buds to the test and check it out.

Stay tuned for more of my Happy Hour discoveries as I get to know the rest of Downtown Boulder’s marvelous foodie culture.  Cheers!


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