Oh Is That Today?

Posted on February 14, 2012

Source: www.nationaldoubledutchleague.com/images/Lincoln%20center.jpg

The day of pink and red

Is not one to dread,

Even if you didn’t remember to think ahead.

Downtown Boulder has saved the day

By offering you a unique way

To woo and tattoo and possibly kung fu

Your way into a Valentine’s date.

You could surprise her with a special treat

But it can’t be something she’ll have to reheat.

You could make something fancy or a tad bit schmancy

But it might be best to just do a clever little dance-y.

How about you put on the shirt that she likes so much,

(The one that makes you do a mean double dutch)

Because now is the time to lay on the moves

And do it quickly, before she disapproves.

So stomp the yard

And catch her off guard

Because nothing says “I love you,” like a Downtown Boulder gift card.

(Photo Rights: nationaldoubledutchleague.com)

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