Oh no...It's Homecoming

Posted on October 21, 2011

My freshman year homecoming, Sigma Pi fraternity put a mechanical bull in their front yard.  Now, being from California, the mechanical bull was a new thing to me.  And man those are fun!  (I averaged 4-6 rides on the bull any time it was present)  So naturally I was the star bull rider…but on my 5th ride my dismount threw me into a break in the floor padding (aka a large metal bar).  Ended up with a bruise the side of Argentina, and we lost to Texas...Go Longhorns?

Sophomore year, I decided to take a short nap before the game against Missouri, which turned into a long nap and I missed the entire game.  If anyone wants to fill me in on the game details (you can always e-mail me at intern@downtownboulder.org!), I’d love to know.  I do know that we lost. 

My junior year, I had swine flu.  Yes, I was one of the lucky people who had the swine flu.  I completely missed my sorority’s adorable Charlie Brown themed float in the homecoming parade and it was awful. Oh yeah, and CU lost.  Sound familiar?

My point...is that this weekend is cursed.  And I’m terrified.  But, I have faith because there are a lot of changes happening this year.  The parade is moving down to Pearl Street (awesome).  Whoever thought of that is a genius.  Ahem…it starts tonight at 7 p.m. in front of the Courthouse and moves west to the reviewing stand on 10th street.  The Buffoons will be singing and if you haven’t heard them your life is not complete.  And, the Grand Marshall is our National Championship coach, Bill McCartney; Bringing the winning spirit to Boulder!  (They won in 1990, my birth year.  Coincidence?  I think not.) If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of downtown.  The Oregon Fans are already out and about, realizing their mistake in choosing a Duck over a Buffalo.  They’re buying CU shirts from Jackalope and converting from the dark side to the good side.  As soon as they taste the fresh food at their Salt reservation, they’ll probably just end up staying here.  You may be good at football Duckians, but Downtown Boulder knows how to have a good time.  And as their trusty intern, that means I am going to (for once) have a good homecoming weekend!

So Boulderites, pray for me.  Come watch the parade, head out to the football game, and be nice to the Duck fans (it’s a waddling bird, after all). Let’s create some good karma for the weekend.  I think it’s going to be an awesome one.



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