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Posted on April 7, 2016

"Lettuce Eat Organic" ... you can laugh now

As a college student, eating organic isn't always in my price range. I mean, they don't exactly make “farm-to-table” ramen noodles last time I checked. After this weekend’s grand opening of the Boulder County Farmer’s Market, the term “organic” seems to be lingering in the air. In this blog I wanted to highlight what Boulder does best: eating healthy. This week I called each restaurant that I think exemplifies the term “organic” and annoyingly grilled (pun intended) their poor, unsuspecting employees who answered the phone to ask them about their current favorite menu item. So here you have it Boulderites, the dish on healthy eating here in Downtown Boulder:


Fior Di Latte

Like to eat organic but find yourself having an enormous sweet tooth, like me? Then this little gelato shop is your saving grace. After living in Italy and moving to Boulder, the owners saw the need for an authentic, high quality “gelateria” and soon after took to Pearl in order to give the people what they needed / had no idea they were missing out on...

Recommended by staff:

  • Favorite Sorbet: Forest Berry - a combination of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries

Credit to Fior di Latte Instagram 

  • Favorite Gelato: Roasted Banana - banana flavored gelato with toffee bits spun into it, “tastes like bananas foster in ice cream form” -Sierra.

Credit to Fior di Latte Instagram


Organic Sandwich

‘Organic. Local. And Darn Good’ is the motto this sandwich shop lives by, which is clearly shown (and tasted) in their menu...

Recommended by staff:

  • Favorite Carnivore Sandwich: Grass Fed Roasted Beef Sandwich (very popular)
  • Favorite Herbivore Sandwich: Spicy Veggie Sandwich  

Credit to Organic Sandwich Instagram 


Spruce Farm & Fish

At Spruce you know exactly where your food comes from. Their mission is simple: natural and locally focused. Keepin’ it in the state, I like where your head’s at Spruce.

Recommended by staff:

  • Breakfast - People really like the Spinach Scramble if you want savory, or the “Fosters” French Toast if you want sweet
  • Lunch - Can’t go wrong with the Warm Kale and Salmon Salad or the Grilled Chicken & Avocado Croissant Club
  • Dinner - For an appetizer try the Duck Confit Tacos and for a main entree have the Maine Lobster Pasta

Credit to Spruce Restaurant Instagram

This might be one of the most organic places on the list because they offer “build-your-own” bowls with ingredients that cater to anyone and everyone’s dietary restrictions. BONUS: they also sell 1 or 3 day juice cleanses to help infuse your body with vital nutrients, live enzymes, and minerals.

Recommended by staff:

  • A bowl with Roasted Veggies with Cauliflower Rice, a choice of one of their locally bought meat (whatever he’s feeling that day) with the Spicy Diablo Sauce

Credit to Zeal Food Instagram

Black Cat

You want organic? Try eating at a family started and owned restaurant that supplies its own fresh food. Black Cat Farm is a 130 acre farm located just outside of the city that now supplies most of the ingredients used at the restaurant. Because they harvest from the farm every day, they select varieties for flavor, not for storage and transportation which seems to be all too common these days.

Recommended by me:

  • If you really want to experience the freshness and organic-ness Black Cat has to offer, the Charcuterie Plate gives you a nice snapshot of the variety of ingredients this restaurant has to offer during each rotation of the menu.

Credit to Black Cat Boulder Instagram 

I tip my hat to the chefs who create all of this amazing food and work so hard to make new dishes to make their customers happy. Kudos to you my brave food scientists. So there you have it folks, a quick look at healthy eating on the Pearl Street Mall. The grass is ALWAYS greener on the Boulder side of the fence. It’s proven. I swear.


Until next time,

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