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Posted on October 21, 2009

Every month Eli adds a few more Downtown Boulder twitter feeds. Some will blow up, others abandoned. However, attempts are being made and every day the tool becomes slightly more ubiquitous. Twitter users in Boulder are surely among the most virtually connected real community around. Yet, the most unique thing about Boulder's twitter users is the quality of both messages and interaction.

There seem to be three unique demographics tweeting in Boulder, originally stemming from the prevalent tech and PR crowd. That, and users can connect with such a variety of users; from the Boulder Bookstore to the T-Bar, Pharmaca to Liquor Mart. There is no commonality, except geography for any Twitter users listed at BoulderDowntown.com. Also, these represent only the tip of the iceberg in Boulder. Twitter regulars such as @andrewhyde, @doylealbee and @pugofwar keep the Boulder twittersphere full of personality. Whether updating daily, or an emerging presence anyone can enjoy a piece of the conversation using this unique medium.

Boulder is unique in their civic adoption of Twitter, and this deserves significant attention. Boulder Parking, Boulder Police, Boulder Parks and Rec., and Go Boulder all maintain a twitter presence. Just following these users will give a great idea of what is going on in the cities government. And of course, for the latest news from Downtown Boulder just follow Downtown Boulder and we'll aggregate the latest and greatest news from all the downtown businesses who have jumped on the twitter bandwagon.


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