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If you're like me and your familiarity with businesses in Downtown Boulder borders on stalker-ish, then you've already noticed the 'new building'. If not, let me enlighten you: it's the one hidden in the former Mountain Sports space; painted black and shrouded in mystery. No name or distinguishing features, tinted windows...

This morning, my curiosity got the best of me. And, apparently, so did my desire to be a spy. So I grabbed the ol' point-and-shoot and snuck on down to Pearl and 8th. I tried to be casual at first--breezily walking by the enigmatic outfit, yearning to catch a glimpse of the inside. But everyone knows that casual never works. This was going to call for guerrilla tactics.

My next move was to wait behind a tree across the street and snap some telltale photos. Equipped with a large winter coat and bulky purse, though lacking a telephoto, it was difficult to completely conceal my intentions, but luckily there are, colorful...personalities in Boulder that I was able to blend in long enough for a few identifying shots. Fortunately, I am immune to looks of bewilderment from passersby.

Before creeping back to the office to review my evidence, I made one last pass by the building's facade to take a closer look at a small printed sign in the window. And what's this? Another crucial tidbit! It read, "Call gallery to make appointment," and listed a phone number. I quickly scribbled down the digits and slunk away.

Back in front of my computer, I Googled the phone number in hopes of disclosing Gallery X but what I found was even more intriguing: Victors and Spoils. The sleek, streamlined website spoke of advertising and was laced with words like 'crowdsourcing' and 'co-creation'. Post-wikipedia, I learned that these are indeed, real words. But despite all this new information, I fear that I have only fallen more deeply into the tangled web. What is this gallery? What really goes on at V&S? Or is it just some elaborate cover-up?

Stay tuned for more answers, as I attempt to go underground and contact the founders...


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